Benefits Of Strength Training

Strength/resistance training

Strength/resistance training is one of the best ways to improve your physique, health, and life. Not only will it make you more muscular, defined and attractive, but the path to success and progress in strength training will teach you many important lessons about how to be successful in general. Today we’re going to talk about the why not the how of strength training – namely, the benefits it provides.

Joint and bone health

One of the most important benefits of strength training is the improvement of bone and joint health, especially during advanced age. Increased muscle mass and strength around a joint will reduce the likelihood of injury and stabilize the joint. This is important for maintaining mobility and independence as you age.

Strength training also boosts the mineral density of the which combats osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. These two common bone conditions contribute to the huge amount of fall-related fractures seen in the elderly and can seriously reduce the quality of life. By strength training now, you will be able to reduce your risk of developing these problems and stay healthier and more active for longer.

Body transformation

Strength training is important for body transformation, as well as health. Strength training builds muscle which, aside from looking great, is one of the best ways to improve your metabolism and make fat loss easier. Very few people want to look like competitive marathon runners: this is because being lean without significant muscle mass just doesn’t look good – if you’re aiming for a physically-appealing physique, you’ll have to add some muscle. A great way to give your body energy to help you transform your body is with Energy boost products like e+ shots.

Psychological benefits

Nobody ever seems to mention the psychological benefits of strength training, but they’re as important as the physical benefits. The first thing to note about strength training is that it has quantifiable progress: the barbell, dumbbell or kettlebell has a single weight and you can only perform a number of repetitions. If either the weight or the repetitions increase, you know you’ve made progress. This kind of reward and the progress-tracking system is amazing for confidence and developing good habits.


Strength training is also incredibly tough and difficult, meaning that it requires the development of some key character traits. The first of these is persistence: strength is an incredibly slow process and requires a long-term effort. Consistency is equally important – the worst training session is the one you missed, and being successful in strength training requires you to put in the hours over an extended period of time. Attention to detail and perfectionism are traits that are also cultivated through the strengthening process – to improve you have to focus on technical efficiency and pushing yourself to put the process before the outcome.

Strength training will make you a healthier, more attractive human, but it will also make you a more confident human. Properly performed, strength training gives you the tools to totally change your body, but sticking to an effective workout plan or training programme will give you tools that can be applied for success in other areas of life.

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