Fibre Snacks

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Fiber snacks are high in protein and fiber, and much lower in sugar than conventional snacks or chocolate bars.


Product Description

When you’re on a diet, one of the easiest ways to fall off the wagon is totally depriving yourself of sweet foods – our fibre snacks give you a much easier and healthier alternative to these foods so that you can diet and get in shape without depriving yourself of any food pleasures.

What is it?

Fiber snacks are exactly what you might expect: snacks that are high in fibre. These diet-boosting snacks give you alternatives to regular junk foods and sate carb cravings whilst also providing a huge amount of fibre and protein, making them the best healthy snack on the market. With Isagenix fibre snacks, you will be able to end junk food cravings and binges, make positive changes to your diet and physique, all without eating bland or boring foods. This simple swap is an amazing way to improve your diet and stick with it!

How does it work?

Fiber snacks work just like any other cereal or chocolate snack: the big difference is that they contain far less sugar and also provide a huge boost of fibre and protein. Protein and fiber are essential nutrients and we believe that these could be the two most important aspects of a healthy diet: protein is the building block of almost all tissues and aids muscle gain and fat loss, whereas dietary fiber keeps digestion and metabolism regular, whilst also combatting bloating and binding some carbohydrates in the gut. With more fibre or protein than sugar, fibre snacks are a great source of both of these fantastic nutrients and can provide a world of health benefits without any hassle, and with delicious flavours!

You’re going to get the best results from fibre snacks if you use them to replace any of the awful junk foods that may be hiding in your diet. This is not only removing the negative effects of common sugary foods but also adding the benefits of protein and fibre, making it twice as effective for your health and physique. Combined with the reduction in hunger and carb cravings, fibre snacks are some of our favourite products.

Who can benefit from this product?

Fiber snacks were designed for those who are fine with eating healthy meals but succumb to the snacking urges either during long work days or whilst relaxing at home in the evening. If you struggle to resist the temptation of sugary snacks or chocolate bars, fibre snacks could be the answer to finally shifting the excess weight or gaining the extra muscle you’ve always wanted. Boring diets are hard to maintain and we know that consistency and persistence are the best way to achieve your body goals.

Fiber snacks contain some common allergens such as peanuts, milk, rice, soy, chocolate and honey. This product is not vegan, but it is both lacto-vegetarian and kosher friendly.

Key benefits and effects

  • Huge protein content means better fat loss and more muscle
  • Fiber improves metabolic and digestive health
  • Less sugar than protein or fibre means better health and metabolism

Fiber snacks are one of our favourite products because they embody the entire Isagenix philosophy: replace bad foods with great nutrient-dense foods that taste great. If you know your weight loss could be improved by curbing your snacking, fibre snacks are the solution you’ve been looking for!

FibreSnacks! – Peanut Chocolate Chew – 12 Snack Bars

Servings per Package – 12 Serving Size – 1 bar (35 g)
NutritionsAve. Quantity
per Serving
Ave. Quantity
per 100 g
Energy1045 kJ (250 Cal)1633 kJ (391 Cal)
Protein19 g30 g
Fat, total8 g12.5 g
- saturated3.5 g5.5 g
- trans0 g0 g
- polyunsaturated1 g1.6 g
- monounsaturated2.5 g4 g
Carbohydrate29 g45 g
- sugars12 g19 g
Dietary fibre8 g12.5 g
Sodium140 mg219 mg
Potassium65 mg102 mg



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