Shake and Cleanse Pack

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The Shake and Cleanse Pack provides a great introduction to the world of Isagenix cleanse protocols and the official meal replacement system that makes Isagenix packages so successful and popular.

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Product Description

This pack is an amazing way to begin your journey, boosting short-term weight loss and giving you the foundation to start an amazing, sustainable weight loss journey. This is achieved through reduced calories, improved nutrient intake, digestive health support and detoxification of the gut microbiome to set the groundwork for further weight loss and health improvements.

Overview – what is it? How does it work?

This package is a great on-ramp to understand the methods and benefits of Isagenix meal replacement shakes and cleanse protocols. This provides a fantastic middle-range product for those who are curious to see how they can benefit from Isagenix but aren’t ready to invest in their healthfully with a premium package. This pack contains the very core of our weight loss program, with a variety of high-protein diet shakes, metabolic and digestive support products and vitamin and mineral supplements to improve health. This product cleanses the body and replaces high-calorie meals and snacks with healthier alternatives.

Who can benefit from this product?

This is the core of the Isagenix diet protocol and is absolutely appropriate for everyone – the shakes themselves are available dairy-free – and is unbelievably versatile. Whether you’re planning your first Isagenix diet or want to use this as the basis for a tailored, personal package, the shake and cleanse pack provides you with two of the most important effects: lower-calorie (and higher protein) meals to burn fat and build muscle, as well as increased vitamin and mineral support to improve health.

Key benefits and effects

  • High-protein meal replacement shakes improve macronutrient balance and provide slow-releasing, sustainable energy to keep you full, burn fat and build muscle
  • Cleanse for life supports digestive and metabolic health, improving the gut environment, prevents bloating and reducing cravings

Frequently asked questions

What does it do?

The shake and cleanse pack is an amazing choice for a dietary kickstart and provides the rare opportunity to make a complete, healthy adjustment to digestive health. Both IsaLean and cleanse for life provide digestive and metabolic support, as well as promoting general health.

As well as the health benefits, the high protein content and low calorie count make the shake and cleanse pack an amazing aid to fat loss and muscle gains, giving you a stronger, healthier and leaner physique.

How can this benefit my performance?

Shake and cleanse provides two key benefits: firstly, the shakes provide a great dietary aid for total body transformation, making your physique better looking by increasing muscle definition and reducing body fat. Secondly, cleanse for life provides total health support with a mixture of powerful plant extracts to support digestive health. The improvement of the gut environment may even improve your dietary choices and reduce cravings, according to recent research.

Is this product safe and legal?

The shake and cleanse package is totally safe and legal, when used in accordance with guidelines and the Isagenix diet template. We don’t recommend replacing all your meals with shakes for extended periods of time, but the short-term effects of this package are fantastic for body composition and health.

Individual flavours of IsaLean have their own allergen information and the complete list of common allergens and dietary requirements is published here so you can make sure this product is suitable for your dietary and ethical needs.


The shake and cleanse pack may be a simple choice, but it is also an amazing introduction to the Isagenix approach, or simply a great staple product for those who only want the basics. With a combination of body composition and health-supporting products, it is an amazing combination and provides a total foundation to healthy body transformation

The Shake and Cleanse Pack is suited for Dairy-free, Gluten-free, Vegatrains & Vegans Customers Please note: IsaLean Pro, Isalean Shake, Isalean Shake Dairy-Free are all Gluten-free Products. For more Information see Isagenix-allergen-table-NZ.