Total Body Wellness Pack

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Experience full-body optimization for a vibrant, balanced life. With nutrient-rich shakes, Ayurvedic adaptogens, intermittent fasting, and daily supplements targeting aging, mental performance, immune support, and cellular health, the Total Body Wellness Pack supports metabolic health, reduces free radicals, promotes ideal body composition, radiant skin, cognitive performance, and stress management. Develop a sustainable nutrition regimen for long-term well-being.



2 IsaLean™ Shake (or IsaLean™ Pro)
1 Cleanse for Life™ (Liquid or Powder)
3 Collagen Elixir (see Elixirs for more details)
2 Adaptogen Elixir (see Elixirs for more details)
3 Nootropic Elixir (see Elixirs for more details)
1 Snack Bites (see System Support for more details)
1 Ageless Actives™
2 E+ (6 ct)


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