Diet pills Vs. Weight Loss Supplements

There are many misconceptions about the supplement market in our culture, primarily because of poor examples of diet pills and tainted supplements increasing public skepticism. However, there is a strong distinction between the world of dubious diet pills and legitimate weight loss supplements. We’re going to look at a few key areas where they differ, and why you should choose legitimate weight loss and nutritiaon supplements over “quick fix” diet pills.


Not only do we tend to see lower-quality ingredients in diet pills (according to purity, production quality and so forth),  but the ingredient choice is usually far more extreme and aims at short-term improvements in body-weight despite long-term harm or contributing to yo-yo dieting/dependence. Many diet pills contain banned or harmful stimulants to boost the metabolism in the short term, at the expense of long-term heart health and metabolic function.

The problem with this is that it attempts to shortcut the diet process, despite the fact that there are healthy, rapid weight-loss diets that are also sustainable like Isagenix diet. This is simply a matter of patience – whilst diet pills may help with the short-term changes, they do not contribute to health or metabolism in a positive way for the long-term, whilst calorie-controlled, nutrient-dense diets will.

Legality and credibility: manufacturing and evidence

The problem with the illegality – or customer skepticism – surrounding diet pills (as any other controlled substance) is the lack of access to common institutions that regulate or research their products. This means that there are no manufacturing guidelines associated with the dieting pills and they are easily subjected to the use of banned or harmful substances such as stimulants and anabolic steroids. This “cutting” of diet pills with other substances is built on customer ignorance and desperation, taking advantage of those with no nutritional science background.

Equally, studies on the negative effects of diet pills are post hoc at best and don’t do justice to the host of problems they can cause, whereas good supplement companies welcome scientific investigation as a way to substantiate their claims about their products.

 How should you lose weight?

There is no real comparison between diet pills and weight loss supplements – diet pills may be more effective in the short term but this comes at a terrible cost. With the inclusion of anabolic steroids, harsh stimulants or other nefarious compounds, they wreak havoc on the health. Beyond this, diet pills will foster dependence as they do not promote long-term metabolic function or well-being.

Conversely, an effective diet and supplementation plan . The Isagenix diet can provide equally severe effects without any of the same health problems. You may not achieve as rapid of a weight loss, but your chances of yo-yo dieting or dying from aortic valve failure is basically zero. Proper nutritional supplementation, combined with a healthy and active lifestyle, is the scientific approach to maximum sustainable weight loss, health benefits and muscle-building. This has been known for years and seems unchanging!

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