The real risks and effect of diet pills

Diet pills have a poor reputation in media and culture for a good reason: there have been numerous reports of diet pills containing banned or life-threatening substances, with cases of death being noted across the world. Diet pills represent a short-cut mentality that is prominent in the supplement industry but can harm health and kill customers!

Diet pills are any form of an ingestible oral compound that promises dietary benefits such as weight loss and muscle growth. Not all “diet pills” are dangerous – cod liver oil and Vitamin D are pills that genuinely help your diet – but many of the pills that make great claims about their effectiveness, or promise “revolutionary” results, are dubious.


One of the most common and dangerous aspects of diet pills is the inclusion of a huge variety and quantity of synthetic stimulants. Unlike caffeine and other household stimulants, these pose a real risk of heart problems, and some have even been connected with the decay of heart tissues. Stimulants can contribute to the rapid breakdown and degeneration of important organs and put health and life at risk! Stimulants such as caffeine and theanine are healthy enough (though the latter is less beneficial), but many manufacturers use phentermine and other, equally-harsh chemicals just to accelerate fat loss.

Off-label ingredients and poor manufacturing integrity

Stimulants are only one of the possible problems with diet pills – the greater concern is the inclusion of any kind of off-label ingredients. This sounds legitimate, but off-label ingredients are simply ingredients that the manufacturer has decided not to reveal to paying customers. These are morally ambiguous, and it is important to be thorough with your choice of supplements and diet pills – if manufacturers can put ingredients into your products without listing them, you could be consuming anything.

DNP: an example of a killer diet pill

Some compounds are dangerous in and of themselves, whether they are listed on the bottle or not. Much of the recent controversy around diet pills is due to several deaths linked to a compound called DNP. DNP, or 2-4-dinitrophenol, is an industrial yellow dye that has been used widely for weight loss in humans. The only problem with DNP is that it causes cells to become so metabolically inefficient that it causes huge heat release and taking too much DNP will cause immediate, painful, awful death.

Isagenix Supplements Vs Diet Pills

The reasons why Isagenix supplements are different to synthetic Diet pills is the fact Isagenix products have been scientifically researched. All the supplement research is based off how the human body works. Isagenix takes pride in the range of best-quality plant-based products. They provide an easy, long-term solution to weight management compared to Diet pills which only work as long as you are on them. For more information about Isagenix Products click here.

Summary: diet pills and supplements

We’ve already discussed the major differences between diet pills and health supplements, but it is important to note that diet pills are the same as every other lie or health-harming product on the market. They are only sold because people want a short-cut to the weight loss process, but this is the problem: sustainable weight loss takes patience, and high-quality supplements can assist this process.

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