How To Do Cleanse Day

Experience the rejuvenating benefits of a Nutritional Cleanse Day, a nutritionally supported intermittent fasting approach crafted to leave you feeling nourished and energized while aiding in your health and weight management endeavours. If you’re new to the concept of Cleanse Days, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how simple it is to embark on this journey.

What is a Cleanse Day?

Cleanse Days are crafted to facilitate the elimination of unwanted chemicals from the body, aiming to rejuvenate and refresh the system. In contrast to the use of laxatives, the design of Cleanse Days focuses on substituting toxins with essential minerals, vitamins, and critical nutrients. This approach contributes to fostering a healthier, more vibrant version of yourself.

Nutritional Cleanse Days are designed to give your digestive system a break and encourage detoxification. This is a form of Intermittent Fasting. The primary objective is to significantly reduce calorie intake for a specified duration (four days per month) while receiving nourishment from Cleanse for Life.

Though Cleanse Days can seem initially daunting, are straightforward. The primary objective of a Cleanse Day is to consciously reduce calorie intake for a single day or up to two consecutive days per week (totalling four days per month). You’ll receive nourishment from Cleanse for Life® and other approved Cleanse Day snacks during this time. Cleanse Days allows your body to rest and recharge without laxatives or diuretics.

A detailed, step-by-step guide awaits you, providing comprehensive instructions for Cleanse Days – the fundamental components of the Isagenix System.

Organize Your Cleanse Day Routine

Commence each Cleanse Day with essential products crucial for success, including Cleanse for Life, Ionix® Supreme, Natural Accelerator™, and IsaFlush®. To manage cravings and maintain low-calorie intake, incorporate Isagenix Cleanse Day-approved snacks into your schedule, each assigned a value of 1, 2, or 3 Cleanse Credits per serving, depending on your choices. Aim for a combination totalling 10 or fewer Isagenix Cleanse Credits, and use the Cleanse Day Tracker as a system guide to monitor your progress.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you initiate your Cleanse Day:

Cleanse for Life Intake:

  • Consume four deep cleanse servings of Cleanse for Life evenly spaced throughout the day: morning, noon, late afternoon, and evening.

Adaptogen Boost:

  • Include one serving of Ionix Supreme or Adaptogen Elixir for your adaptogen boost. If you typically take Collagen Elixir™, Recharge NAD™, or other supplements, continue with your regular intake on your Cleanse Day.

Natural Acceleration:

  • In the morning, take two Natural Accelerator capsules, and before bedtime, ingest one to two IsaFlush capsules with 8 ounces of water.

Strategic Snacking:

  • Choose from the list of Cleanse Day-approved snacks and mix and match options to reach a total of 10 Cleanse Credits or fewer. Distribute your snack consumption evenly throughout the day to sustain steady energy. The Cleanse Day Tracker will assist you in keeping track of your Cleanse Credits.


  • Alongside Cleanse for Life and approved snacks, stay hydrated with calorie-free beverage choices such as plain, unsweetened coffee or tea, herbal tea, and water throughout the day. Customize your day’s schedule based on this sample Cleanse Day routine.

Example Of Cleanse Day Schedule


  • 1 deep cleansing serving of Cleanse for Life
  • 1 Snack Bites™ (3 Credits)
  • 2 Natural Accelerator capsules


  • 1 deep cleansing serving of Cleanse for Life
  • Adaptogen Elixir or Ionix Supreme


  • 1 deep cleansing serving of Cleanse for Life
  • 1 Energy Bites™ (3 Credits)


  • 1 Snack Bite™ (3 Credits)
  • 1 deep cleansing serving Cleanse for Life
  • 1-2 IsaFlush capsules

What are Isagenix cleanse credits?

Cleanse Day Basics:  Beyond the vital Cleanse Day products, utilize Cleanse Credits to choose from a roster of approved Cleanse Day snacks. Assigning values of 1, 2, or 3 Cleanse Credits per serving, these snacks cater to your preferences. Aim for a total of 10 or fewer Cleanse Credits by selecting options that align with your Cleanse Day goals.



0 Credits Organic Blend Coffee / black coffee • Black, green, or herbal tea • Still or sparkling water • Hydrate • Hydrate + Hyaluronic Acid
1 Credit  BĒA™ Sparkling Energy Drink (125 mg caffeine) • BĒA Biotics • Xango® Juice or Xango Reserve • Adaptogen Elixir™ • Nootropic Elixir™ (80 mg caffeine) 
2 Credits Isagenix Snacks™ (2 wafers) • Greens™ • E+™ (85 mg caffeine) • Collagen Elixir™ • Collagen Bone Broth • Fruits™ • SuperMix™ • AMPED NOx** • AMPED Nitro** (100 mg caffeine) • AMPED Power** • AMPED BCAA Plus** • AMPED Repair** • SmartMix® • XM+® (155 mg caffeine) 
3 Credits Harvest Thins™ • Whey Thins™ • Snack Bites • Energy Bites

Tailoring Your Cleanse Day Experience

If diving into a full Cleanse Day feels a bit daunting initially, there’s no need to rush. Embrace a gradual approach to ease into the experience. For instance, consider starting with a 12- or 16-hour mini cleanse as a gentle introduction. This allows you to experiment and discover what suits you best. Begin your day following a Cleanse Day schedule, breaking your fast in the late afternoon or evening with an IsaLean® Shake.

Alternatively, a more gradual transition into Cleanse Days could involve incorporating a couple of extra snacks into your schedule, such as a bag of Harvest Thins™. Especially beneficial for those new to nutritional cleansing, these additional Cleanse Day-approved snacks can contribute to your success. It’s important to be mindful, though, as extra snacks can accumulate swiftly. Like any skill, mastering the art of cleansing improves with practice, and soon enough, you’ll approach your next Cleanse Day with confidence.

Cleanse Days offer flexibility, allowing you to adapt them to align with your personal preferences, as long as you adhere to the general guidelines.

Have an IsaLean shake for your first meal after a Cleanse Day

Following a Isagenix Cleanse Day, nourish your body with a balanced meal, and nothing does it better than an Isagenix Shake. After providing your body with the necessary time to rest and detoxify, it craves well-rounded nutrition, particularly the high-quality protein present in IsaLean Shakes. The combination of Cleanse Days and Shake Days proves effective in supporting fat loss while preserving muscle mass—an effective strategy not only for shedding pounds but also for sustaining weight loss.

Crucially, success on Cleanse Days comes in various forms; it’s about discovering the approaches and habits that resonate with you. Seize control of your Cleanse Day, tailor it to your unique needs and body, and you’ll find that motivation and commitment come effortlessly. Soon enough, your weight loss aspirations will become a distant memory, and you’ll joyfully maintain both your weight and overall health.


Cleanse Days are a deliberate strategy to rid the body of harmful chemicals, fostering rejuvenation and revitalization. The emphasis is on replacing toxins with vital minerals, vitamins, and critical nutrients, promoting a healthier and more vibrant version of oneself.

While initially appearing daunting, Cleanse Days are straightforward, guided by the conscious reduction of calorie intake. This approach, backed by a detailed step-by-step guide, allows the body to rest and recharge without laxatives or diuretics. The guide comprehensively covers both Cleanse Days and the foundational components of the Isagenix System.

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