Isagenix Brand Partner

Isagenix Brand Partner

Have you been delighted with the outcomes achieved through Isagenix products? Would you be interested in earning money by promoting their products without the need to build a team? If your response is affirmative, then seize the opportunity to become an Isagenix Brand Partner today!

Becoming a Brand Partner offers a unique approach for individuals to share Isagenix products and earn commissions in return. This program enables you to connect with people in a way that suits them best, providing you with a fresh avenue to enhance your income and expand your organization.

Are You Ready To Become A Brand Partner?

Why Become a Brand Partner?

Individuals who become Isagenix Brand Partners seek simplicity, amazing high quality products, and attractive commissions. Isagenix has ingeniously blended the finest aspects of affiliate models with our scientifically backed products, resulting in a one-of-a-kind program that stands apart from the rest.

Share Products You Love & Get Paid For It

Isagenix has impacted the lives of millions, empowering transformative journeys with solutions-based products upheld by our unwavering commitment to uncompromising quality.

Potential to Earn Up to 35% in Commissions

You can begin earning commissions at 12% on products bought through your links, with the exciting possibility of reaching up to 35% in monthly commissions.

Free Sign Up 

Enrollment is completely free and can be done in just a few minutes.

Sharing is Quick and Easy

Select your desired product, generate your link, and effortlessly share it with others.

No Obligatory Purchases

You have the freedom to buy whatever you desire, whenever you desire it.

Earn Free Products

By sharing with your customers, you become eligible to earn up to US$150 worth of free products each month.


Share Isagenix Products in 3 Easy Steps

🔗 Link

Generate custom, traceable links for any product, whether it’s a single item or a pack/collection.

🔄  Share

Share your link to potential customers through social media platforms, email campaigns, or by embedding it within blog posts to boost engagement and reach a wider audience.

💸 Earn

Earn a commission every time someone makes a purchase through any of your affiliate links.

Competitive Pay Structure

We offer a highly competitive pay structure for Brand Partners, providing the opportunity to earn up to 35% commission monthly on both new and repeat orders. This is particularly attractive in the fast-growing affiliate industry. Additionally, Isagenix ensures weekly payouts and offers the potential to earn up to $240 AUD/$250 NZD in product coupons each month for our dedicated Brand Partners.

Isagenix Brand Partner

Monthly Bonuses

We further motivate our Brand Partners with monthly bonuses.  As each Commission Month comes to a close, we assess the Brand Partner’s highest achieved Commission Level and reevaluate their lower weekly Commission Levels accordingly. We then provide the difference as a rewarding month-end bonus. This approach ensures our Brand Partners stay motivated and driven, irrespective of where they are on the calendar!

NZ Commission
Au Commission

Expanding Your Network

Isagenix is a trusted provider of all-natural health & wellbeing supplements. You can become a part of this growing business by becoming a Brand Partner. It’s an opportunity to share our amazing products with the world while boosting your income and your professional career.

Brand partnerships are not just for affiliates, influencers, health and beauty professionals, and former product sharers. Anyone can be a brand partner. It is a good opportunity for anyone who wants to sell Isagenix products without building a team.


Who do you know?

Brand Partner is perfect for anyone who is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle & wanting to earn some extra cash. Our Brand Partner opportunity is designed for individuals who thrive on social media and those who possess a strong sphere of influence, be it within their community, career, or the wellness world.

Health & Fitness Businesses: Gym & Fitness Centers, Health Food & Supplement Stores, Sports Nutrition Shops, Wellness Centers & Organic Markets

Health and Beauty Professionals:  While their primary focus remains on their main business and their passion lies there, they actively seek new avenues to generate additional income without compromising their commitment to assisting their clients.

Influencers: Influencers have a large social media following. When they recommend a product, people want to try it.

 Affiliate Marketers: Affiliate marketers partner with companies and promote products through their content. They earn a profit for every product that sells thanks to their advertising efforts.

 Former Product Sharers: Product sharers distribute large numbers of master products to sales channels. People with this experience may prefer becoming a brand partner because it doesn’t involve working on a team. They will have the connections to make a profit quickly.

How Does It Work?

Step 1. Start an account: You must start an account to begin working with Isagenix and receive payments. After a brief verification process, your account will be approved.

Step 2. Create a Link: Create a link to your favorite Isagenix products. Share the link across your social media platforms, blogs, QR codes, and messages. You can customize links for destinations around the world. Every time someone clicks on your link and purchases a product, you’ll earn a commission.

Step 3. Increase Your Commission: The commission you earn will help you climb up in levels. The higher the level, the more commission you will make. You can earn up to 35% in commissions.

Step 4. Access Sharable Content: The back office has a library of shareable content that you can use to promote your products.

Step 5. Promos and Orders: Check out the promos and orders section regularly. It will keep you on top of the latest Isagenix products and promotions.

The Customer Experience

When customers click on your link, they will be directed to the Product Description Page (PDP) for the product shared. Customers purchasing from Brand Partner links will be taken to a checkout page that provides three options:

Create a Preferred Customer Account and join with Subscription Rewards

Create a Preferred Customer Account

Check out as a guest and pay retail prices

Commissions will remain the same regardless of the option the customer chooses.

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Simple Dashboard – Back Office

Brand partners will have access to a record of their earnings and the products they sold through the back office. The Isagenix platform offers a simplified system that offers the following information:

Customer order history                                              Links that you have shared

Sales commissions                                                        Previously created links

Month end bonuses                                                        Highly sharable products

Commission levels                                                          Social media content

Are You Ready To Become A Brand Parnter?

Join our team today and unlock the potential to earn sales commissions by becoming a brand partner with Nutritional Cleansing. You already love our products, so why not get paid for sharing the incredible benefits they offer?

Share The Experience:

When you become a brand partner with Nutritional Cleansing, you’ll be sharing more than just products – you’ll be sharing an experience that can transform lives. Witness the positive impact our products have on people’s health and well-being and be part of a community that values personal growth and empowerment.

Start making a difference in your life and the lives of others today by contacting us to become a brand partner. Embrace the opportunity to turn your passion for our products into a rewarding business venture, while enjoying the fulfillment of helping others on their journey to better health.

Don’t miss out on this chance to combine your love for our products with the potential for financial success. Contact us now to become a brand partner and begin your rewarding journey with Nutritional Cleansing.


Are You Ready To Become A Brand Partner?


How do brand partners know someone has purchased through one of their links?

 When a purchase is made from a brand partner link, it will appear in the commission section of the brand partner dashboard.

 Can Brand Partners see who purchases from their links?

 Brand partners will not have access to the customer’s name and contact information. They will only know that a sale has been made.

 Do Brand Partners get paid for repeat purchases?

 Yes, a Brand Partner will receive a commission for every purchase made whether the customer purchases as a guest or through a customer account.

 What if a person purchases a different product than the one linked to?

 Brand Partners will get paid for every purchase made by a customer who clicks on their link regardless of whether the customer purchases the same product that’s in the link.

 Are Brand Partners allowed to post their content, or do they have to use Isagenix-approved content?

 Brand partners can post their content if it adheres to the company guidelines including Product Claims Guidance and Acceptable Use Policy.

 Can Brand Partners participate in partnerships with other companies while promoting Isagenix products?

 Isagenix brand partnerships are not exclusive, but they are subject to non-solicitation agreements.

 Can Partners Earn Internationally?

 Yes, Brand Partners can use the dashboard to select the countries they want to market to. Isagenix sells in all countries except Mexico and Japan. The commission is automatically calculated in the partner’s local currency.

 Do Brand Partners have access to customer care?

 Yes, Brand Partners have access to Isagenix Customer Service Lines. Representatives will address any questions or concerns they may have.  

 Can Brand Partners convert to Associates?

 Currently, Brand Partners cannot convert to Associates, but this is an option we are looking into.

 Can Brand Partners enroll other Brand Partners?

 Brand Partners may only share with customers. If they know someone who wants to be a brand partner, they can refer them to their Enrolling Sponsor.

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