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If you’re a vegetarian or vegan that wants to lose weight and improve your health, there’s a good possibility that the supplement market has let you down so far. Whilst many products contain whey and are marketed to omnivores, Isagenix takes pride in the range of plant-based products that are available for lacto-vegetarians and vegans.

Whether you eat animal products or not, a good diet is defined by a well-rounded source of macro and micronutrients. We all know that eating more plant foods is good for you, but the vegan food market is as rife with over-processed “food products” as its omnivorous counterpart. It is totally possible to be an unhealthy vegan and Isagenix wants to provide the solution to ensure that you are able to fill your diet with some of the most calorie-sparse, nutrient-dense products to ensure that you’re getting the full benefit from your dietary choices.

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In an ideal world, vegans and vegetarians would always be healthy due to consuming large amounts of plant-based foods. If you eat nothing but fresh produce such as leafy green veg, legumes, nuts and seeds, and wholegrains. The problems arise when dealing with commercial foods that are highly processed and contain added sugars and unhealthy fats: being vegan is all well and good unless you eat dairy-free biscuits all day!

Whilst many choose the vegan lifestyle for the health benefits or weight loss they may desire, nutrition is still a huge concern for those on a plant-based diet. Isagenix provides the best quality plant-sources for our shakes and supplements. From increased, the bioavailable protein with complete amino acid profiles to high-quality vitamin and mineral supplements, our products remain as unprocessed as possible to provide you with the healthiest sources of dietary support.

Modern vegetarian diets vary wildly – some people choose to

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eat plant-based foods, while others spend their meals eating soy-based products or other heavily processed foods. Not all vegan diets are equal. In fact, although the stereotype of being vegan is a health food nut, there are many vegans who lack the nutrition they need. You may find you’re always feeling sluggish or hungry all the time. Processed foods can mess with your body’s equilibrium, and deprive you of the nutrients you need to function every day.

A plant-based diet can provide you with all the nutrition you ever need – but you need to have the right plants and grains, too.

Even products that are not specifically tailored to a plant-based diet are totally suitable for vegans and vegetarians – you can find a complete list on our allergen guide but we also have a dedicated dairy-free product list that gives you information on our wide variety of animal-free products.

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A diet that is rich in unprocessed plant foods will unquestionably lead to a longer, healthier life, but many plant-based diets are really junk-based diets. Isagenix supplements and meal replacements provide you with the best plant-based nutrition on the market, giving you the peace of mind that your meals have been ethically prepared and contain the best nutritional value.

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