Isagenix Isabody Challenge

What is the IsaBody Challenge? 

At Isagenix, we’re dedicated to bringing success to our customers physically and financially, which is why you’ll see so many examples of fantastic success stories associated with Isagenix. We’re always working to improve the products and experience for customers, which is why we’ve always been proud to offer real people the opportunity to celebrate their success and win money through our IsaBody challenge(s).

The IsaBody challenge is a fun, friendly challenge that encourages Isagenix users to work towards their fitness goals and continue to achieve great successes. This is a great way to motivate and challenge yourself, all while setting an amazing example to others and winning yourself $1000s of prizes! Even if you’re not one of our winners, you’ll still receive a free $200 Isagenix voucher in recognition of your achievement and commitment to living out the principles Isagenix was founded on.

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The Isagenix Body Challenge: Get started today!

If you’ve liked what you’ve heard about Issagenix’s body challenges and are prepared to embody the ideals and dedication necessary to succeed and compete with Isagenix members around the world, the IsaBody challenge is for you. There are a few requirements for entry:

  • 01

    Clear, legitimate “before” and “after” photos to demonstrate your progress. You will only be able to submit one of each at the end of the challenge.
  • 02

    Clear, well-documented measurements of the waist, chest, biceps, etc.
  • 03

    This option provides you with a saving of 10% against RRP but isn’t as lucrative as previous options and there are no Fuel your challenge with at least 500BV of Isagenix products (it’s not an IsaBody challenge without the Isagenix products!)
  • 04

    A 250-500 word essay to describe your experiences and motivations throughout the challenge and your personal fitness journey
  • 05

    A story that is inspiring and motivational: the IsaBody challenge is about overcoming adversity to achieve amazing results and provide a stellar example to other Isagenix users.

How Does the Isabody Challenge Work?

The IsaBody challenge is a 16-week period where individuals establish their own fitnesss goals and document your progress in the form of a “before” and “after” photo, as well as more objective measurements to provide an accurate tracker for your progress.

If you’re already losing weight and want to push yourself to be better, you’re already half-way there! The IsaBody challenge is a great opportunity to win up to 10,000AUD for achieving goals you already had!


Isagenix Challenge Categories & Rewards

There are multiple rewards available during the challenge to ensure that different types of success are recognized and awarded, with categories and rewards available with their own rewards.

Download the IsaBody Challenge PDF guide for all the information you’ll need to get started today.

What are the Prizes for the Isabody Challenge?

Grand Prize:

10,000AUD along with an all-expenses-paid trip to the national Isagenix Celebration event in the US.

Challenge Round Finalists:

3,000AUD, as well as an expenses-paid trip to the National Isagenix Celebration and judging event.

Honourable Mentions:

500AUD Isagenix voucher so that to use on products for yourself or for marketing/promotional purposes if you’re part of our associate compensation program.

All competitors:

$200 Isagenix product voucher just for completing the challenge!

If you’re already on a fitness journey, the IsaBody challenge gives you the opportunity to save money, get free products and even win our grand prize!

If you’re a new customer and believe you have what it takes, or an Isagenix member ready to take the next step and put your dedication to the test, get in touch and we will give you all the information and guidance to get started!

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