Tackling Obesity in New Zealand

According to the Ministry of Health, obesity statistics have reached a record high, and they’re showing no signs of stopping. With 32% of those living in NZ being obese, it’s clear that something needs to change. If you fall into that category and you want to lose weight, you may need to learn more about workout supplements and how they benefit you.

While workout supplements won’t act as a substitute for exercising and a proper diet, they can bolster your efforts. Knowing more about how they work will help you choose whether to add them to your weight loss plan.

Finding the motivation to exercise

As the old saying goes; motivation won’t come to find you, you have to go and find it. One study has found that 73 percent of people will quit before reaching their weight loss and fitness goals. Some of the common reasons for this include:

  • Being too busy and not having enough time
  • Finding it difficult to regain momentum when a plan falls through
  • Finding it hard to follow a workout routine or complete a regimen

When we read between the lines, it’s clear that a significant underlying factor is lack of energy. Unless you’re leading an incredibly busy lifestyle, the chances are you do have time to workout. It just means you need to take time from activities such as social media and watching TV, then apply it to your workout.

Or, if you’re struggling with a workout routine or regimen, it’s tempting to believe that it’s not the right one for you. In fact, the idea behind exercising isn’t to stay within your comfort zone. By consistently pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, you make more progress. Similarly, if not being able to push yourself harder leaves you feeling deflated, it’s easy to see why you’ll struggle to pick your routine up again once you’ve taken a few days, or weeks, off.

Ways you can reduce falling off the wagon

One of the most popular ways of maintaining an exercise regime is to find a workout buddy. Research from the University of Aberdeen has found we’re more likely to meet our fitness goals if we find a motivational partner. So, if you know someone who contributes to New Zealand’s obesity statistics, lean on them for motivation.

Another popular approach includes using workout apps. For example, if you like to run, Map My Run allows you to find routes, track your progress, and calculate how many calories you burn. Witnessing your growth is an excellent way to increase your drive to achieve more. Or, there’s My Fitness Pal and Nike’s app, both of which allow you to see how others are doing too. With the use of graphs, My Fitness Pal provides visual examples of where your workout is going. Similarly, if you start to become serious about an activity such as cycling or running, you can use workout supplements alongside your competitive drive to beat their goals.

How do workout supplements help?

As we’ve already mentioned, while some of this is psychological, energy has an effect too. Supplements such as Isagenix AMPED Power contain lots of creatinine, which boosts your endurance during both cardiovascular and weight-lifting exercises.

Similarly, as a stimulant-free product, it works with your body’s natural energy stores rather than against them. As a result, you don’t feel a ‘crash’ afterward that deters you from working out during your next session. In other words, you’re not drawing on energy stores in advance, which isn’t conducive to maintaining momentum with your weight loss regime.

Finally, natural workout supplements incorporate essential vitamins and minerals you may otherwise miss in your diet. Even if you are eating healthy meals each day, striking the right balance is difficult. Through including supplements such as Vitamin C and other antioxidants, workout supplements help you heal before your next session. This means you’re less likely to encounter painful sensations that prevent you from returning to the gym, such as delayed onset muscle soreness.

While workout supplements alone won’t help you lose weight, they do play a vital role alongside motivation, action, and a good diet. Incorporating them into your workout plan will give you a little more drive, helping you reach those fitness goals.

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