What is Nutritional Cleansing?

Nutritional cleansing is often conflated with detoxes or other forms of “cleansing”, and as such has gained a bad reputation without much reason. The Isagenix cleanse protocol is a system that offers you the opportunity to kickstart your weight loss by improving the gut environment and combatting common causes of bloating and cravings.

What nutritional cleanse shouldn’t be

Nutritional cleansing provides a variety of benefits to the body when performed correctly, but poor-quality excuses for a dietary cleanse can have some serious negative effects, too. When you use a diuretic or harsh laxative cleanse, you’re doing damage to the intestines and damaging the gut environment. Countless studies have been presented on the negative health effects of prolonged laxative use.

Using laxative and diuretic-based cleanses also threatens to provide artificially inflated ideas of how much weight has been lost. When you use these products, you’ll lose weight but not fat: they reduce the resting levels of food and water in the body but don’t actually aid in burning fat. Along with this, they can contribute to the development of lower-gut cancers and ulcers, which threaten long-term health and wellbeing.

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How is Isagenix cleanses different?

Isagenix’ cleanse protocols and diet plans are totally different from these low-quality supplements as they are based on solid nutritional science and provide gentle digestive support to the body without the addition of synthetic or concentrated laxatives. Relying, instead, on high-quality plant-based fiber and digestive support compounds to relieve bloating and begin your diet by setting a healthy internal environment – this promotes maximum uptake of nutrients and reduces the likelihood of experiencing junk food cravings.

The Isagenix system relies on the combination of two key products: IsaFlush and Cleanse for life. These products both deliver a huge variety of vitamins and minerals to support the body’s own processes and ensure that weight loss and cleansing are healthy as well as effective. This is yet another example of how we commit ourselves to providing amazing results but with additional health benefits that are rare among supplements.

A nutritional cleanse can provide an amazing foundation for the rest of your health and fitness journey: when you begin a diet it is important to change the way that you approach nutrition and food. Isagenix’ nutritional cleanse removes the built-up junk that you’ve been putting into your body so that you can start from scratch, improving gut bacteria to combat sugary or salty cravings and setting the ideal environment to make the most of our low-calorie, nutrient-dense shakes and supplements.

Isagenix’ cleanse protocol is an amazing companion to a change in your lifestyle – replacing poor-quality meals with high-quality, nutritionally-balanced Isagenix products is an amazing way to kickstart your health journey. When combined with healthy 400-600 calorie meals, the shake/cleanse protocol is a great way to reset your health and begin to look at food in a way that will make your dream body a reality.

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